Protein Shake Diet Plan

Traditionally we were taught that carbs should provide our body with its primary supply of energy. However, many people have confused fast releasing carbohydrates (pasta, cakes) and slow releasing carbohydrates
(whole grains, vegetables) eating too many of the former-the tempting, convenient, tasty variety! Most of us lead sedentary lives, so any excess energy from car rich food) is stored as fat. Cereals and toast for breakfast, jacket potatoes for lunch, pasta for dinner and rice cakes and biscuits for snacks?!

Remember to:
1. Eat regular meals spaced throughout the day
2. Choose slow releasing carbohydrates foods
3. Increase your intake of live foods (fresh fruit and vegetables)
4. Identify your body's protein needs and consume  the amount you need.

If you tried to get all the protein you need from foods such as meats, you would consume too many calories, because these protein rich foods come with extra fat calories. Protein-enriched Meal Rplacement Shakes,
Protein Supplement Powder and High Protein Low Carbohydrate snack products, contain protein sources which are easily absorbed and assimilated, and which allow you to reach your body's protein requirements without those unwanted calories. Easy and convenient to follow the programme, so will fit into a busy lifestyle. For example, easy to take a shake for breakfast (in milk or juice or yoghurt or water) to help balance blood sugar levels, rather than skip breakfast altogether. Its fast food for smart people!

Protein Shake Diet

And contact Herbalife Distributor who will determine which personalised Meal Plan, with the correct amount of protein, you should
follow for effective weight management.