Isotonic Supplements

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Sports diet has moved on since the days when all the focus was on the total number of calories an athlete was taking, the balance of their diet (between carbs proetin and fats). Now the emphasis is on the nutrition timing. Nutrition consumed at certain times, such as before and after your workout, can better contribute to muscle repair and recovery compared to the same nutrients consumed during other times of the day.

The science of sports nutrition is complex and often confusing, but it can be simplified to basic components: Fuelling, Hyrdation, Refuelling, Repairing and Recovery. Herbalife products provide highly digestible and absorbable carbohydrates, electrolytes, proteins and essential fatty acids - all required by the body to help with peak performance. If you want to experience the ultimate competitive edge, make Herbalife part of your life.

Running, swimming and cycling all come under the 'endurance' banner: performing strenuous exercise for long periods of time. These activities require carbs for energy and plenty of fluid to avoid dehydration. The New Innovative H3O Pro™ isotonic Drink can help power exceptional performances by providing hydration - crucial when sweating over a long period of time, and an additional source of energy right when you need it. .

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