Herbalife believes that everyone can benefit from a healthy active life, which includes a balanced and varied diet with fresh fruit and vegetables, adequate water intake and regular exercise.

The boredom of having a restrictive diet with limited taste, texture or variety every day can often result in people opting out of their weight management programme. Herbalife products offer plenty of variety for your daily routine - a vital ingredient for long term success.

Formula 1 Shakes and Bars - Nutritionally balanced meal replacements with a careful
balance of soy protein, carbohydrates and essential nutrients. Taking in conjunction with:

Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex helps you achieve 100% of your 'daily' vitamin and mineral
requirements (RDA)

Fibre and Herb - high in soluble fibre to help provide the body's natural elimination of wastes
and toxins.

Formula 3 Personalised Protein Powder - can be added to a Formula 1 shake, or to food
such as soups and sauces to personalise your protein intake.

Protein Bars - healthy, tasty snacks for inbetween meals

A range of drinks and food supplements to enhance your daily diet which are targeted to
specific nutritional or weight management challenges

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